Dear visitor of this site.
This is the time that “modern” art, at least as we know it for the last 300 years, is about to end!
The entire essence of visual art, but also music, is the idea of individual exclusivity, which now a days is not longer possible to conserve.
Copyright will not remain.
… and why not? The origin of art is situated in the collective consciousness.
That’s the reason I got involved in flamenco music. Flamenco is an expression of art where the collective force is dominant over the individual.
The content of a piece of music is restricted/defined by cliché’s, archetypes, habits and of course the all over embedding canvas: compass.
A good flamenco guitarist is more an artisan instead of an artist.
Nowadays being an artist becomes more and more a social attitude.
I am educated, as a sculptor, in a way that one should search for the authentic, in ones self and one’s surround.
In that way I continue to be an “traditional” artisan seeking for the mysticism of an object or a sound.
This website gives me the opportunity to show you what happened and what’s happening.
I am able to post photo’s of sculptures and recordings of the past but also sketches, music and even texts about subjects
which are floating around me.
Don’t hesitate to contact me by filling in the contact form for remarks, feedback and critics.